Toothpick and Jellytot structures #SciWk2014 (Step 3: Engineering)

On Tuesday, our classroom split up in groups to make our Jellytot and toothpick construction. In my group was me, Ailish and Amy. 💁
We started off by making 2-D triangles then we built it up and up and it fell a bit apart 🙈 but we managed to fix it using struts to strengthen the structure.
We tried out putting Ava’s huge rubber on it for 10 secs and it stayed on! 👀
When it came time to hold a bowl of 1 kilogram stuff, it slanted and fell! It stayed on for 8 seconds though! 😋
We were proud because who knew that anyone could make a structure using toothpicks and jelly tots?! 🙊

By April

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