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On Sunday Mayo are in the All-Ireland Final. They are against The Dubs again. I am really excited and I have all the hope in the world for them (C’mon Lads)😄. They haven’t won the Sam Maguire since 1951. I am going to watch it in The Lighthouse Tavern with my friends. People always say they aren’t going to because of THE CURSE but I don’t believe in that I still think there going to win🎉. I predict that the score will be 2-10 MAYO and 1-10 DUBLIN. 🇮🇪😃

From Róisín’s Blog

I hope Mayo wins the All-Ireland on Sunday.

The name of the cup is Sam Maguire.

I’m so excited about the match.

I’m watching it  in the pub.  Mayo are playing Dublin.

I think the score is  going to be 1goal15 points to Mayo &1goal12 points to Dublin.

from Kirsty’s Blog

The Mayo team are playing on Sunday for the Sam Maguire🏆 WOO HOO.

I have all the hopes in the universe.

Mayo are playing Dublin in the All-Ireland. Mayo won against Meath in 1951 which is 65 years ago. I SO excited I think I’m going to just POP!!!!. I am going to watch the match in Dooceys with my sister Ròisin, my cousin Shannon and my Aunty Sheila.

I predict the score WILL be 2-11 to 1-9. I hope to god that they win.

From Hannah’s blog

Big news! Mayo are in the All-Ireland final against the champions Dublin. It is going to be played in Croke Park. I am so excited. I don’t have a ticket but I think it will be better craic in the pub.

Some say there is a curse on the old Mayo team. I think it is true . There is only one old Mayo player left.

In 1951,1950 and 1936 they are the years Mayo won the All Ireland.

I hope Mayo win this year because they got to the All Ireland final so many times and did not win. So this year they are going to win!

From Liam’s blog

I hope Mayo will win the all – Ireland Final .

I think Mayo will win by a point .

I’m watching the Mach in the pub.

Mayo won the All- Ireland Final in 1951.

My favourite player is AidAn O’ Shea, because he is the best player on the team.

I would like to get my jersey signed by Aiden O’ Shea.  The End

from Kyle’s Blog

Everyone knows now the teams in the final. The whole country of Ireland is waiting in excitement for the moment those Mayo/Dublin players walk on the pitch in Croke Park.

I really hope that Mayo win as it has been 65 years since Sam was in Mayo. I heard Tipperary people saying they have been waiting six years for Liam Mc carthy, and they thought 6 years was long!

I hope Mayo wins as Dublin has won many times too much. I think ‘Man of the match’ will be Lee Kegan or Barry Moran. I predict the score will be 2-11 to 2-14 to Mayo.

People say that there is a curse on the team from the last time they won (1951) to not win Sam untill all the players from back then have died. (I dont know what to believe.)

I’m going to Dublin to watch the match in my cousin’s house, as the search continues for those hard-to-get tickets!

From Siobhán’s Blog


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