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Learning Circle Project 2012


The students in Inver National School have just completed a Learning Circles project. Our partner schools were in New Brunswick in Canada, New Jersey and Washington in the USA, in Tartarstan in Russia and in Katmandu, Nepal. We did a project about places and perspectives with them. View Learning Circle Partners in a larger map […]

Barbara finishing the marathon!


On Sunday Barbara Deane ran a marathon that was 26.2 miles long! She ran in aid of Inver N.S!  She finished it in 4 hours 49 minutes! Our school is very happy.  We are very proud of her! She came down to our school on Monday to show us her medal and her t-shirt. On her […]

What is this blog about?


When we celebrated our 125th year in existence as a school, we wanted to learn about life and times 125 years ago. We found that it was quite difficult to get information about that time.

Now, we are beginning this blog to show everyone what life and times are like now, here in Inver, beginning in 2010. In 125 years time, when visitors want to see what life was like here, they need only click on our blog. We also welcome more current visitors too!

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