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Active Week
Last week we had our Active Week. It was great fun. We played Unihoc, Rounders, Soccer and Basketball. There were different teams for each activity. Team A, B, C and D. We also had some games with our parachute. A man came to speak to us about water safety during the week. we learned lots of different things and he was very funny.
On Monday, we had our finals for all of the activities. It was great fun. The teams who won got a medal.
Everyone got a medal for taking part and trying their best. The All Stars for the Gaelic football got a trophy each. They were Leanne, Leah, Padraig and Lorcan. We also had a bounceathon. We all had lots of turns on the castle. During the week we all went swimming too, as part of our tour and while the older children went to the cinema, we went to Tumble Jungle. It was super! We really enjoyed Active week.
By Shauna

On our school tour
Last week we went on our school tour. It was fun. First we went to the toilet in the morning and after that we went on to the bus. We were all excited when the bus was going. We went to Enniscrone swimming. When we arrived we all ran into the gate. We got ready and some of us just went straight up the stairs to the water slide. After everyone got dressed we went out to eat our lunch. Some of us got popcorn and ice cream. We went on the bus to drop off the older people to the cinema then finally we got to Tumble Jungle. It was really fun because there were lots of bouncy castles and things to play with. After we went to collect the big ones and we went to Supermacs to get something to eat. Some of us got ice cream and some sweets and then we went on the bus all the way back home again. We really enjoyed our tour.
By Róisín & Sophie

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