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Balloon car race and shrinking hard boiled eggs


My Science Experiment

Everybody in 3rd,4th , 5th and 6th did a science experiment for the younger classes on Friday.

My group did a car chase and we looked at discovering what will happen if you place a egg on top of a conical flask. The people in my group are Orla, Shauna , Lisa and me.

First we did the car chase this is how you do it. First we stuck our balloons onto the car. Then we blew up the balloons and let them go. It was good fun and we let the other students have a go.

After that we did the hard boiled egg experiment.

First you dip a cotton bud in the methylated sprits. Then you light it on fire through it in the conical flask. Place a hard boiled egg on top. Let’s see what happens. The egg got sucked into the flask. Why? Because a vaccuum was created when the oxygen was burned away, the egg got sucked into the vaccuum.
By Lorcan

Car Balloon Race from SN an Inbhir on Vimeo.

Hard Boiled egg and Car Race
Last Friday we all did science experiments. We were put into groups of four. In my group there was Orla, Loran and Shauna. We were doing our experiments for the younger class.

My group had to do two experiments they were called the car race and the hard boiled egg. We did the car race first. We blew up the balloons and put them on the cars and we were ready to go.

After our race we asked if any one wanted to try. We brought Liam, Roisín, Kirsty and Patrick up to try it out. They really enjoyed it.
By Lisa

The Magic Shrinking Egg from SN an Inbhir on Vimeo.

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