Science week in the senior room

The senior room asked all of us look at their science experiments for science week.
We went up to the senior room and watched them do their fabulous experiments.
We saw all the liquids like soap and water and baking soda and they tested them to see if they were acid or bases
They also took our fingerprints and footprints and we saw them with the magnifying glass. We could see if we had whorls hoops or arches.
They also did an experiment where the jar sucked the egg inside. It was cool. They even did the alien in the kitchen experiment.
Then they did a experiment which they had a car race. They had a balloon and a toy car. They put the balloon into the car and they pinched the top of the balloon . Then they let it go. The cars moved a bit. At the very end they caused the volcano to erupt. It was brilliant. We hope they do some more experiments for us next year.

By Liam, Róisín and Siobhán

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