Alien Invaders

Science Week

Last week was science week. For the whole week Mrs Padden and Mrs Conolly did science experiments with 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class.

On Friday we had to do a science presentations for the young ones. We were put into groups of 4. My group was Erin, Grace, Amy and I. We had to make an alien explode.

We had to practice first. To make an alien explode you need baking soda, vinegar, food colouring and a bottle and paper.

First you draw hands, legs, eyes and a mouth and then you cut them out and stick them onto a plastic bottle. Then you pour 3 quarters of the vinegar into the bottle. Then you add your baking soda and it will go all fizzy and go everywhere

When we did the experiment the young ones asked us questions about our project. We explained why it went all fizzy which is when an acid and a base mix it causes a chemical reaction. The acid is the vinegar and the base is the baking soda.

I think it went really well. I enjoyed it and I think the young ones did as well.
By Eoin

Science Week 2012
Last Friday we did lots of experiments. All of the younger students came up to watch us perform these experiments.
We were split up into 5 groups. We had to do an experiment for each group. My group did an experiment called “Aliens In The Kitchen”. We used paper and a plastic to make the alien. The main point of the experiment is to make the alien explode. We made the alien explode with baking soda and vinegar because together they cause a chemical reaction. This makes the alien explode. We added blue food colouring to the vinegar to make it look fantastic. Then we added a tablespoon of baking soda. It all fizzed up and spilled everywhere. Luckily we held it over a basin to keep the table clean.
I was glad the experiment worked out the way it was supposed to even though the smell of vinegar wasn’t very nice on my hands.

By Amy
Our science presentation on Friday .
Everyone did one science project for the small class.

We all worked in groups. My group was Eoin, Erin, Amy and me.
I was making a alien explode.
To make the alien explode we used baking soda and vinegar.It was so much fun.
I hope I can do it again
By Grace

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