Our water raps!

We had a competition for the best rap about conserving water. Everyone composed fabulous raps.
Here are some of the best of them:

Save Water
Saving water is what we do best
Because we all live in the west,
Putting in the plug
That is good
Because it saves more water
Like we should

Leaking taps and water pipes
Can make a mess and what a splash
So get your tools and get them fast
To save more water and save more cash.
By Sophie

Saving water poem

Saving water can be a lot of fun
Just make sure you don’t let it run

We can save water in many many ways
We don’t like to see things go to waste

When it rains and pours
Use a bucket for
Collecting drips and drops until it all stops

I know we can do it when we put our minds to it
Now let’s get a green flag and make ourselves glad


Water Rap
This is a little rap I say now listen carefully and I will say my rrrraaaapppp
Here is my rap now listen listen listen,
Water is everywhere just look look look,
We use it to drink, cook and wash wash wash,
We use it we use it every day day day
Have a shower not a bath bath bath
Don’t leave taps running cause that’s bad bad bad
Wash the car and feed the plants with rain water water water
Where going to get the green flag
I hope you got our message
By Ava

Water Wrap
Hey ho here we go
We got stop wasting water
to get our green flag
so why don’t we all put down our heads
and start saving some water
By Erin

Saving water is cool
So don’t be a fool and save water.

Have a shower not a bath,
Make sure there are no leaks or drips off taps.

So try your best to save water,
And you wont have so big of a bill.
By Eoin

This is a rap I heard years ago
Some people told me that I should know about water, water,
Everywhere we use it, everyday,
Now let me hear you say, Water!
Ah Ah Ah Aaah we love water.
Don’t set it on fire cause thats just weird for us all,
By Ailish and Lisa

Ya Inver School is the best,
They have great teachers and
Put you to the test,
They have lots of great things,
But the best thing of all,
Is saving water!
Let me talk you through it all:
Step one turn of the taps,
Step two take a shower not a bath,
Step three now thats the craic
Just do it every day and you’ll be grand.

By Rosaleen

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4 thoughts on “Our water raps!

  1. OMG all of your raps are so good you guys gave me some really good ideas too for my rap and you guy are excellent!

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