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Trip to the RNLI


R.N.L.I Facts
1. The RNLI was founded 1825.
2. Royal National Lifeboat Institution stands for RNLI.
3. We have 235 lifeboat stations around the coast of Ireland and England.
4. The aim of the RNLI is to reach any point 50 miles from the coast within 3 hours.
 By Ailish 

Sometimes the crew of the lifeboat sing this song:

On Thursday the 7th of Febuary we went to the RNLI back in Ballyglass. We met a man called John who works in the RNLI. He was very nice. He showed us around the RNLI Station. He showed us the uniforms and the teachers had to put them on. They had to put on very heavy life-jackets and blew them up with air. We went outside for a while then and saw the lifeboat. They showed us how to get on the  lifeboat.


Our Trip To The RNLI In Ballyglass

On the 7-2-13 all Inver national school went to the RNLI Station in Ballyglas.
First when we got there we got introduced to three men called Alan, James and John. James runs the lifeboat station in Belmullet. Our teachers had to try on the equipment the jackets, boats and even the life jackets.
We learned that John, Alan and James each have a pager. A pager is a small little box that sends a message when someone is in trouble.
After he told us that we went outside to see how the flares work Alan set off the first flare it was orange smoke that smelt really bad but it was really cool. And then he set off the second one it was a red light it would dazzle your eyes if you kept looking at it.
When that was all over we went to see Fred. Fred was a dummy that they use for training sessions out in the water. He looked really light but he was really heavy.
After that we all got to try on the gear the lifejacket was really heavy and uncomfortable it has loads of stuff in it like a whistle if you were lost in the water and a little light on your shoulder.
The day was great I learned lots of stuff I didn’t know and I hope we go back there again someday.
By Leanne

Our trip to the RNLI Station
Yesterday the 7th of Febuary 2013, our school went to the RNLI station in Ballyglass. We met man called John and he welcomed us to the RNLI station. John works there. The teachers had to dress up in the RNLI uniforms. The teachers said the life-jackets were very heavy. They told us the life-jackets cost up to €10,000 for 24 of them! I think we were all shocked. There was a man there too called James who works in the Bellmullet RNLI station but they only have a small station and a small lifeboat. Then we met a man named Alan. He showed us outside the RNLI station and he showed us the lifeboat. We also saw another boat. They use it to row out to the lifeboat. Then we met a man called Fred. But he isn’t really a person, he is a test dummy. They use him to practise on. We kicked Fred around a bit. Then comes my favourite part, the flare. First they showed us orange smoke. And then they showed us a big flare. It was really cool. Then we got leaflets about the RNLI and had our picture taken. I really enjoyed visiting the RNLI!
By Amy

On Thursday we all went to Ballyglass lifeboat station. When we arrived a crew member of the RNLI welcomed us to the Ballyglass lifeboat station. While we were in there they showed us the clothes that they wear. The teachers had a race who could put them on the fastest. Ms Connolly got it on the fastest. They said that the lifejackets were the heaviest things that they wore in there lives.
When they were finished we went outside. They showed us the flares. One of them gave orange smoke and the other had red sparks so that if it was night they would be able to see it.
By Sophie

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