Conserving water

Today Laura came to our school. She talked about saving water and about polluting water. We tried to think of ten ways we could be polluting Carramore Lake, we only got eight.

We made window cleaner, hand gel and table cleaner from natural ingredince. The recipe for them is really simle. When we made our liquids she put us into groups to try them out. Orla, Shauna and me tried out the window cleaner. We cleaned the staff room window.It was really fun.

She showed us little videos about saving water. There were really funny videos and sad ones too. I had lots of fun with Laura and I really hope she came again because she has lots of fun things to do with us. 🙂 :):)

Today Laura from an Taisce came to our school see how we are getting on saving our water.

First she brought all the water committee into the middle room for a meeting. We were talking about all the ways we save water. we save water in all different ways like we have water saving flushers and taps and a water butt for collecting rain water.

Then after lunch she came into are classroom and explained how important it is to save water and keep the environment clean. Then she showed us a video about some birds who ate plastic and when they died and rotted away you could see all the plastic inside it. It was very interesting.

After that we made some all propose spray cleaner and some window cleaner using natural ingredients. We made the spray cleaner out of washing up liquid, baking soda and some water.

I had a good day with Laura.
By Caolan

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