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Water Conservation with Laura


Today Laura came to talk to us about water. First she showed us a list to keep water clean and the water cycle.

Second we watched two videos the first one was about plastic that birds ate and they died.The second one was called How the animals save the planet.They were really funny.

After that we made window polish.It was fun and we even got to clean the windows!Then Laura made some hand scrub.It was weird.

I had great fun today.
By Kian

Today a woman called Laura came to our school. She is from the Green Schools committee and she came to talk about water pollution and the environment.

We learned more about the water cycle and also she showed us a clip of a movie that shows how water pollution can damage animals lives.

We also made environmentally friendly window cleaner. 5th and 6th made an all-purpose cleaner. 5th and 6th cleaned their desks and me and my friends,Ailish and Rosaleen, washed the staff rooms window.

We also made environmentally friendly honey, sugar and lemon hand scrub. We all made one together. Our hands were really smooth after it.

I really enjoyed Laura’s visit. I hope she comes again soon!
The End! By Amy

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