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A fun day with Declan from Science Ireland


imageDeclan Holmes from Science Ireland
On Tuesday , a man called Declan Holmes from Science Ireland came to our school. He did lots of things with us.

My favourite things were when he showed us rockets and let a ping – pong ball float on top of a hair dryer! At one stage Grace and Eoin had a rocket race across the classroom!

The rockets were really cool! He put a tablet in water and shook it around and then it blasted up to the roof! There was another rocket that was air powered. We would stamp
on it, it was called half a football. Then when we stamped on it , it would fly up in the air!

At the end of the day Me and Liam were called up to do something. We held tubes over our heads and span them faster and faster! It was really fun! It also made a sound.

I enjoyed Declan’s visit and I learned that science is in a lot more places than I thought!
The End
By Amy

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