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Erris United Soccer Blitz


On Wednesday last, 4th, 5th and 6th class went to a soccer blitz in Carn.
First we got our jerseys and then we went out and took shots.

We had to play three games but we played four. We won one lost one and drew in two games.
I got to play in all of the games.

The teacher said that 6th would start and then put the subs on through out the game.
Caolan was in goal, Erin and Alison was in backs, Eoin and Lorcan was in midfield
and in forwards were Padrick and Leanne.

After we played all the games are teacher got us ice creams.
I had a great day and I can’t wait till next year to play again.

By Shannon

On the 05/06/13 4th, 5th, 6th, went to Carn to play. Soccer blitz. We had 3 teams to play first but we played 4 because we played for the plaque. The teachers played all of 6th class first because it’s their last year in national school. The team was Caolan in goal, Alison and Erin in defence, Eoin and Lorcan in midfield and Leanne and Padraig in forward.

Our first match was against Glenamoy all 6th class started first. This game was the best game we played because the score was 7-2.

Our next match was against Cearthrú Thaidhg. It was the same team that started the first game. They were really good at soccer and two of their players were really strong. Cearthrú Thaidhg got the first goal and then us it was a really good match. I came on at half-time. Leanne and Lorcan scored and then the score was 3-2 to us (Inver). But Ceathrú Thaidgh scored again and the game finished 3-3.

Binghamstown played us next and the same team started again. It was 0-0 in the first-half but in the second-half Lorcan conceded a penalty and they scored, it finished 1-0 to Binghamstown.

We then played drum gala we played well but we drew and we didn’t go through but we were happy that we played well.


On Wednesday the 5/6/2013 4th 5th and 6th went to Carne to a soccer blitz. There had to be 7 people on the team. The team on Wednesday was Caolan in goal, Alison and Erin in backs, Eoin and Lorcan in Midfield and Padraig and me in forward all 4th class and Shannon and Niall were subs but they got on for the second half.

The first team we played were Glenamoy they had a good team but we were better the score in that game was 7 goals to 2 goals I scored one goal in that game. It was great.

The second game we played was against Ceathrú Thaidhg they were good some of them were tall and some were small. In the second half I scored a goal it was great. The score in that game was 3-3 so it was a draw. We all thought that we would have to play another two minutes because we drew them but we didn’t.

After we played Ceathrú Thaidhg we had to go to pitch 2 to play binghamstown they had a really good team. They won us 1 nil I was playing in forward but at half time I came off for Lisa because she didn’t play in any match and everyone had to get playing.

We had a break after we played game number 3 and had a drink because we had to wait to hear who we were playing next. The man called out our name and Drumgala I couldn’t wait to play them because we had a really good team. We got onto the pitch and took the kick off that’s when the game started.

At the end of that game we drew again soo we didn’t know if we got into the final or not. I couldn’t wait to hear then the man told everyone to be quite he named out all the teams that were true but we weren’t we were disappointed but we had to get over it.

To make us feel better we all got a ice cream off ‘Jackies’ our teacher bought us all one each they cooled us down lots because we were all roasting. I wont be here next year but I enjoyed the day it was great fun and I hope the school does it again next year and win the whole thing. By Leanne

Yesterday the 5th of May 4th 5th and 6th went to the soccer blitz in the Erris United pitch back in Carn. The bus collected us at 10:00 and we were back there at 10:15. I was really excited about the soccer blitz. First we got changed in the changing rooms. After that we went out on the pitch to practice a little bit.

Then the matches began there were 13 teams altogether in the blitz. 8 teams were playing first, there was 4 pitches. We just sat and watched them play first. Then it was our turn we were up against Glenamoy. Our starting team was Caolan in goal, Erin and Alison in backs. Lorcan and me Eoin in midfield. Leanne and Padraig in fowards. The game was away. The score was 7-2 to us. It was a good game.

Our next game was against Ceathru Thaidhg. We started off with the same team and put on a few substitutes during the game. It was a tight game all the way through. The final score was 3-3. It was a good game. Our next game was against binghamstown. It was tight all the way through but unfortunately Lorcan gave away a penalty and they scored. It was a really good game but we lost.

We were up against Drumgallagh next. It was same positions again. Drumgallagh scored the first goal. Then in the second half I equalised. The final score was 1-1.

I really enjoyed the day but we didn’t get through to the semi-final. It was a good blitz.

By Eoin

On the 5 of June 4th 5th and 6th class all went to Carn. It is the other side of Bellmullet to play different schools in Erris.

Are team was Caolan in goal are backs were Alison Erin are midfielders were Me and Eoin and in forwards was Leanne and Padraig. I think are team was a good team.

We played four matches against Carrataigh , Drumgallah, Binghamstown and Glenamoy.

We won are first match 7-2 it was against Glenamoy . The second match was against Carrataigh we drawed the game it was 3-3. In that game we put on lot of good subs to help us draw the game.
After that we played Binghamstown. We lost the game by a goal it was 1-0.
It was a penalty and they scored

We had to win the game against Drumgallah but we drawed the game so we went out.

After that we got changed and had an ice cream it was a good day and it was a lot of fun.

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