The visit from our local nurse.

Today we had a visit from Evelyn our local nurse. She uses lots of maths and science in her work.
She showed us a syringe and it had ml on it.
She told us about hypothermia and if you get cold you might get it.
She told us our heart beats 72 times a minute.
When you have a pain in your throat sometimes the doctor takes a swab and sends it to the laboratory for investigation and they see what bacteria is causing it.
Evelyn uses a cuff to check blood pressure.
When a baby is born Evelyn has to weigh them to see if they are healthy or not.She uses the scales to weigh how many kilograms the baby is.
After 3 days Evelyn takes a little bit of blood from the baby’s heel.
By Siobhàn&Aoibhe

Nurse Evelyn came to our school . She taught us about her job . She uses maths
and science. She uses cm to measure the size
of the baby’s head. She looks after old people, babies and mammies.
She has to check the weight of the baby. She uses scales for this.
Evelyn is very interesting.

By Eve and John

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