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I am writing about a woman called Kate Buckley who came to our school. She came from New Zealand with a big parcel full of stuff that we yet have to look at! She was at a school called Haast School. She was over there for a week to see what it’s like. Then, she decided to introduce us to them by mail and we sent over pictures and Ireland flags to them. And in her parcel, is all the stuff they sent over to us! They made us a huge card with a picture of all the pupils in the school (there are only 17 pupils!) and the scenery of the town. We got to know all of their names and what they wear as their uniform. She showed us lots of pictures and they were all so lovely! Also, they made us try their favourite sweets called Pineapple Lumps 😀 Then, we ate our own popular Irish sweets called Iced Caramels. We had to compare the both of them on a sheet.

Another thing in her parcel was two teddies of their two popular birds. The Keewee bird and the Pukeko. They were beautiful birds! 🐦 It’s great fun learning about a school on the other side of the world! And they are excited to get to know more about us! Kate is coming tomorrow to tell us more information and she is doing art with us! Hope you enjoyed reading about this! ✋
By April

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