June 11

Active week 2019


Thank you to everyone who helped make Active Week such a success.. participants, volunteers and spectators. Well done to all of the children who participated in every activity. You are all superstars! Until next year…

June 8

Active week 2019



June 1

Active Week Homework 2019

Squat for 30 seconds.

Repeat x 3

Play Tag/Catch Dance to your Favourite song with your whole Family 20 Bum kicks

Repeat x 1


Do 10 mins of Housework-

Sweep floor/Hoover/tidy up toys…

Play football with someone High Knees for 30 seconds

Repeat x 3


Plank for 30 seconds


Repeat x 1 remember;Bums Down!!


10 Burpees




Dance- Shoe The Donkey with your Family

Go for a walk with someone Jog on the spot for 30 seconds.

Repeat x 3


Cycle your bike


10 Get ups (no hands!)


Go for a Scoot!

Do a brain break dance  

Go for a gentle jog

15 Jumping Jacks

Repeat x 2

Create your own Obstacle course- Use your imagination! Have Fun!  

Your Choice_____________

Active Schools Week Homework 2019

Choose 1-3 activities each night during Active week. Colour as you go – a different colour for each day!. Have lots of fun!

Tuesday      Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Monday


June 1

Active Week 2019

We are really looking forward to our upcoming Active Week.
During Active Week all children will receive Physical homework only.
Have lots of fun!


Tuesday 4th


Wednesday 5th


Thursday 6th


Friday 7th


Monday 10th


Wake Up Shake Up Exercise Break



9.45 -10.45

Soccer Blitz (pitch)


Unihoc game (front)



Wake Up Shake Up Exercise Break


9.30- 10.15

Jiving JuniorsGroup 1

Unihoc skills – Group 2





Wake Up Shake Up Exercise Break


9.45 – 11.00


Sports Races with Parent Volunteers



Potato and Spoon

Sack Race


Island hopping


Parent Sprint

Parent 2 lap







Wake Up Shake Up Exercise Break


10 -10.45 am

Cooperative Games  with Barbara






Wake Up Shake Up Exercise Break


9.40am -10.40am



10.45 -11.45am




12 noon


–      Medals for participation

–      Certs for Swimming

–      Sports boy/girl of year

11.20am – 12.20


Lions Den/ 4 Corners /Stuck in mud /Bib Tag/Duck duck goose


Yoga group 1 in hall

Group 2 ‘21’ Basketball


11.15 -12.15




Jiving Juniors


Wholeschool Jive in hall



Parent netball with 5th & 6th

*Medals on Day

11.50 -12.20

Wholeschool Céilí/Waltz




11.15.- 11.50am

GAA Skills with James



11.50 -12.25

Basketball skills

GAA skills with James


1 -2pm


Yoga Group 2 in hall

Group 1 ‘21’  Basketball


2.15 – 2.55pm

Rounders (1st -6th)





Penalties against the teachers



2.10 – 2.50pm


Sports Quiz

(1st -6th)


1.15 –


Wholeschool Walk


Walk a mile with a smile




1:10 – 1:50


Dance in class


Basketball Game


1:50 – 2.40

Dance in class – Macarena/cha cha slide/pupil choice