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#Maths Week 2016 (Step 4)


Bhí sport againn inniú nuair a bhíomar ag lorg cruthanna 2T agus 3T in ár dtimpeallacht.

To day we went to the yard finding shapes I found a sphere circle and we had to take picture on the iPads and put them up on the board. We did maths and I really enjoyed it.
ó bhlog Kyle

Today went out to the yard to find some Angles,2D and 3D shapes it was fun running around looking for shapes. I found all different kind of things here are some different things I found.😄👆.

ó bhlog Róisín

Today we went outside to find 2d and 3D shapes.

I found 4 ciorcals and 1 triantan and 1 cearnóg. Everyone in the class room got at least 3 shapes.

Ó bhlog Eve

Today we went outside and took pictures of shapes in 2D, angles and 3D shapes. I found plenty of shapes like those in my pictures below. It was really fun and it’s been a really fun maths week!

Ó bhlog Jack

Today we went out to the school yard to find 3D shapes and 2d shapes and angles I found two right angles and a sphere. It was lots of fun👍.

ó bhlog Liam

Today we were outside looking for shapes. We were all running around looking for shapes. I found a circle, a square, a rectangle, a triangle and a sphere. When we were done we made a picture with them on the iPads and Lipix.
ó bhlog Hannah

This week is maths week, today, the 20/10/16 we went outside looking for 2-D, 3-D and angles in our school yard.

Here are some of the shapes and angles we found!

ó bhlog Siobhán

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