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✨✨Middle Room – October 2021✨✨


A little insight into some of the activities in the Middle room throughout October. The boys and girls had lots of fun throughout Maths week and we look forward to Science week in November.

Wishing you all a fun-filled Midterm break.

Múinteoir Deborah


Maths solution No.5


The final solution to our Maths week challenges ! How did you fair out? We hope you all enjoyed working together!

Maths Week 2019-Middle Room


Here is a snap shot of the various activities that the middle room were involved in during Maths Week.  They took part in daily problem solving questions, loop games, challenges, a Maths Trail and so on.  The children worked in groups to carry out the different tasks and had great fun throughout the week.

Puzzle no. 5 – Maths week


The last puzzle for Maths week! Give it a go. Heads together. Enjoy!

Solution no.4


Well done to Laoise/Róisín/Iarlaith and Emma who solved yesterday’s puzzle.

Puzzle No.4


Maths games -Junior room


Solution no. 3


Well done to Amy & Eva, Emma and James who were first back in with yesterday’s solution.

The answer of course was 4 brothers and 3 sisters.


Puzzle No. 3


Heads together for this one!

Good luck! Don’t forget to look out for Maths all around your home and everywhere you go. Shapes, patterns, measuring -distance, time, money, weight, length and so on. Maths eyes alert!

Maths solution 2


Well done to Laoise , Erin and Patrick who were the first 3 children back in with the correct solution . Well done to all of you for solving the tricky equation!

Below is solution

Puzzle no. 2 – Maths Week


Here is tonight’s Puzzle. Have fun trying to figure out the correct solution!

Maths week Solution no. 1


Here is the solution to lastnight’s Maths puzzle for Maths Week. Well done to Lucy, Jason and Eileen who were the first 3 back with the correct solution.

Maths Trail – Junior Room


Why not sing our Maths Song at home? Don’t Forget to keep your Maths Eyes on alert..Remember Maths is Everywhere!

Check out some snapshots of today’s Junior Room Maths trail !


Maths Puzzle for parents



As part of Maths week, we will be using our Maths eyes wherever we go. Why not try this puzzle yourself at home? There will be a new puzzle each day!

Check out  at home for wonderful games to reinforce many Maths topics at your child’s level . It is exciting to monitor how well your child progresses and watch their confidence grow.

#Maths Week 2016 (Step 4)


Bhí sport againn inniú nuair a bhíomar ag lorg cruthanna 2T agus 3T in ár dtimpeallacht.

To day we went to the yard finding shapes I found a sphere circle and we had to take picture on the iPads and put them up on the board. We did maths and I really enjoyed it.
ó bhlog Kyle

Today went out to the yard to find some Angles,2D and 3D shapes it was fun running around looking for shapes. I found all different kind of things here are some different things I found.😄👆.

ó bhlog Róisín

Today we went outside to find 2d and 3D shapes.

I found 4 ciorcals and 1 triantan and 1 cearnóg. Everyone in the class room got at least 3 shapes.

Ó bhlog Eve

Today we went outside and took pictures of shapes in 2D, angles and 3D shapes. I found plenty of shapes like those in my pictures below. It was really fun and it’s been a really fun maths week!

Ó bhlog Jack

Today we went out to the school yard to find 3D shapes and 2d shapes and angles I found two right angles and a sphere. It was lots of fun👍.

ó bhlog Liam

Today we were outside looking for shapes. We were all running around looking for shapes. I found a circle, a square, a rectangle, a triangle and a sphere. When we were done we made a picture with them on the iPads and Lipix.
ó bhlog Hannah

This week is maths week, today, the 20/10/16 we went outside looking for 2-D, 3-D and angles in our school yard.

Here are some of the shapes and angles we found!

ó bhlog Siobhán

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