June 10

Kinect + Scratch


Link to short videoVideo showing how we connected Scratch with Kinect

We started working on our Scratch programming after Christmas and then this new game  came out it was called The Kinect and you could use it for the Xbox 360.

Our teacher Mrs Connolly went to a conference and she found out about connecting  Kinect with Scratch.

When the teacher came to school the next day she told us about using Kinect on Scratch.

A few days after Mrs Connolly got the Kinect for Scratch.

 Then, when she fekt we were ready to try it for ourselves, the teacher tried it at home till 1 o clock in the night and she couldn’t get it to work. So she emailed Steven Howell. He was the one who set up the program. Steven emailed her back in 10 minutes.

The next morning she tried it again at school on her own laptop and it still didn’t work. Then she tried a different laptop ( it was my laptop from the school ) and it worked! It was break time so we went outside. We came in and tried it again and it worked again. We tried it later in the day and we had great fun with it that day .

To see how we did it, you need to visit http://stephen-howell.tumblr.com/ who shows how to do it.

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May 30

Coláiste Sports Day

Coláiste Sports Day

On Friday 27th of May we went to the Coláiste for a sports day. We left school at 9:30 but unfortunately by 12:30 we had to finish up because of torrential rain. There were races, welly throwing competition, sack race and relay race. We got crisps and bars before returning to school happy but wet. It was good but of the Coláiste to have a sports day for us.

By Padraic Conway 6th

May 18

Soccer Blitz

Soccer Blitz.

On Wednesday, May 17th, 4th 5th and 6th classes went to Carne for a soccer blitz. We left the school at 10 o’clock.

We got to Carne at about 10:25. The teacher found out what pitch we were playing in. We were in pitch 4. The first team we had to play was Barnatra. There was only 1 boy on their team and the rest were girls. They were very good

I played in backs. We won the match 6-1. We were very happy but we had to play Pullathomas next and they were an excellent team.

We lost the match against Pullathomas. We were very disappointed. We played against Barnatra again and won. Then we had to play Pullathomas again and we lost.

We got to the semi- final and played against Eachleim but lost.

On the way back to the school we stopped in the shop and got some sweets. We had a great day at the soccer blitz.


May 9

Back to school.

The hoildays are over we are back at school. We had good weather. We had brilliant two weeks off school. Alanna went to a wedding the same day as Prince William’s wedding the 29th of April. Padraig went body baording. Bin Laden got shot. He was the most wanted man in the world. He was buried at sea. There were fires in the North West. We ate a lot of Easter eggs. Padraig got 11 Easter eggs and Alanna got 8 Easter eggs.

Alanna and Padraig 5

April 5


confoOn Friday the 1st of April my class made our confirmation. We were all really excited. We did a lot of work in class to prepare for it. We did a special workbook . The Bishop and Sister Patricia came to visit us and looked at our books. I chose the name Stephen for my confirmation. The confirmation was in Aughoose church and a lot of people came to see us. We had a very nice evening.

By Padraic Conway 6th

March 30

"Back to the 80's"

Back to the 80s

On Thursday, the 23rd of March, 5th and 6th class went to the Arts Centre to watch St Brendon’s TY classes’ musical, “Back to the 80s”.

We left the school at 10 o’clock. The bus picked up Glencastle School on the way, then we went to the arts centre. We were very excited about seeing the musical

The musical started at 10:45 am. My sister Rebecca and my cousin Ryan were in it. It was very good. There was a lot of singing and dancing in it.

When it was over, we went downstairs to eat , then we left to go back to the school.

We arrived back at the school at 1:50 pm. It was a very good day.

By Hayleigh

Back to the 80s

Back to the 80s

March 30

“Back to the 80’s”

Back to the 80s

On Thursday, the 23rd of March, 5th and 6th class went to the Arts Centre to watch St Brendon’s TY classes’ musical, “Back to the 80s”.

We left the school at 10 o’clock. The bus picked up Glencastle School on the way, then we went to the arts centre. We were very excited about seeing the musical

The musical started at 10:45 am. My sister Rebecca and my cousin Ryan were in it. It was very good. There was a lot of singing and dancing in it.

When it was over, we went downstairs to eat , then we left to go back to the school.

We arrived back at the school at 1:50 pm. It was a very good day.

By Hayleigh

Back to the 80s

Back to the 80s

March 28

Gaelic football- Cumann na mBunscol 2011

This year our school started training for Gaelic football for both girls and boys. We already had a blitz in Belmullet. We played two games. But we lost both games because it was raining and strong wind so it was very hard to play. Our next game is against Bangor. Bangor is a very good team in football because there is a lot of good footballers and have a bigger number of pupils than our school. It is on Tuesday 29 of March in Bangor. There are two different games: one for the girls and one for the boys. The number of players on the girls team is six and the number for the boys team is seven. The colour of our jersey is black and red for the out fielders and the  goalie wears black. The goalie for the boys’ team is Nathan and the goalie for the girls’ team is Leah . We have to travel to our games because we have no pitch of our own. I love playing football and I hope we win all our matches.

By Padraig C. (Rang a Cúig)

February 28

Cartlanna ~Archives

Something Fishy

Rinneamar tionnscnamh iontach i mbliana maidir le uisce agus cursaí iascaireachtra. We enjoyed our Something Fishy project this year.more…
Lá Specialta do Daoine Scothaosta ~~ Special Seniors’ DayBhi lá specialta sa scoil seo ar 30 Aibrean. Tháining daoine scothaosta isteach chugainn chun labhairt linn. We had Special Seniors’ Day on April 30th.
  PeilTá foireann peile iontach sa scoil faoi lathair. We are very proud of our school football team.more….
Bhí an-sport againn Lá ‘le Padraig. Chuaigh ár Banna Samba Glas isteach sa pharáid. Bhuaigh muid duais. Our Green Samba Band entered the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. more….

Chuir muid tús le banna Samba i mbliana. Bhí taispeantas againn.

Our recycled Samba band had its ifirst performance before the summer holidays.


  Seachtain Eolaíochta/Science weekBhí seachtain eolaíochta i Scoil Náisiúnta an Inbhir. Rinne na páistí sna h-ardranganna taispeantas iontach do na daltaí óga agus do na tuismitheóirí. Inver National School held a Science Week recently. The senior classes demonstrated their experiments for the junior children and for the wider community

Blog with our e-pals in New Zealand

Bhí cuairteoir nua sa scoil. Is bréagán bog é ón Nua Shéalainn. . A soft toy from New Zealand called Paraki is visiting the students iHe is a Travel Buddy. Follow his adventures on our blog.

Síolta ag fás/ Seeds

Bhí muid ag féachaint ar síolta ag fás faoin mícreascóp. See how our germinating snow peas caused excitement. Caolan writes: ‘…the next thing you know, the snake bit  me and I fell flat on the floor

Bhí na páistí i Ranganna 1 agus 2 ag foghlam cniotáil le déanaí.The children in First and Second class learned to knit recently.
  Programming: Bhí na daltaí ag súgradh le Scratch. The students in 6th class learned a new programming language called Scratch.


Rinne na daltaí i Ranganna a h-Aon agus Dó fís den scéal Clann Lir. The children in First and Second class made a video of the story of Clann Lir.
Bhí na h-ardranganna ag plé le féintuiscint le déanaí mar cuid dá gclár OSPS. Rinne siad pictiúiri iontacha dá gcuid mothúcháin. Our senior classes were discussing feelings and emotions in their SPHE class and used paint to express some of these feelings.
Chuaigh na h-ardranganna ar turas go dtí an Museum of Country Life ag Turlough. The senior classes visited the Museum of Country Life and had a wonderful time.
Bhí tóstal na Nollag ar siúl againn le déanaí. Bhí an-spórt againn. We held our Christmas pageant recently. It was a great success.
Chuaigh na h-ard ranganna ar turas go dtí an ionad athchúrsáil i Deriymnumera nuair a bhi Mayo Science & Technology Week ar siúl. The senior classes learned lots about recycling when they visited the Derrinumera Recycling Centre as part of Mayo Sceince and Technology week.
Tháinig an WhistleBlast Quartet chuig ár scoil. Bhí siad go h-iontach. The WhistleBlast Quartet came to our school. They spent three days doing workshops with all the children in the school. The composed a piece a music about Dónall Dual Bhuí especially for our school and they performed it along with the students in Inver Community Centre.
Tá réalta teilifíse againn in ár scoil faoi lathair. We have television stars in our school at the moment. Read about their adventures in QuiZone here.
Tá Oíche Shamhna ag teacht. Féach ar na scéalta iontacha atá cumtha ag Ranganna 5 agus 6. Halloween is coming. Check out the scary stories the children in Fifth and Sixth Class have written.
Tá na daltaí i Ranganna 5 agus 6 ag déanamh pod chraoladh. Féach anseo chun iad a chloisteáil. Listen here to the podcasts from the children in Fifth and Sixth class.
Tá muid ag obair faoi lathair ar thionnsnamh Cláir Bhána Idirghníomhacha le wiimote. Cliceáil anseo chun níos mó eolais a fháil. We are currently exploring how to make interactive white boards using wiimote technology for under €50.
Tá na daltaí i Rang a Dó ag déanamh a gCéad Comaoineach go luath. Tá amhrán nua foghlamtha acu. The children who are preparing for their First Holy Communion have learned a nice song. Listen to it here.
The tower at Bellacorrick was due for demolition so we decided to visit it and to see it for the last time. We collected some memories and thoughts on the tower.
  Chuaigh muid ar siúlóid chun duilleoga an Fhomhair a fheiceáil. We went on a nature walk to see the signs of Autumn.
Léigh na páistí i Ranganna 1 agus 2 an scéal The Snail and the Whale le Julia Donaldson agus Axel Scheffler agus rinne siad pictiuirí deasa. The Snail and the Whale inspired the children in First and Second Class.
  Tháinig an dealbhóir Walter Michael ar cuairt chugainn le déanaigh. Bhí sé ag labhairt linn faoin dealbh álainn atá suite in aice na scoile agus d’inis sé dúinn conas a rinne sé é. Watch, listen and read how a sculptor is inspired and how he works. We are very thankful to the Mayo County Council Arts Service for their help and enthusiasm while organising this project.
le n-ár pod chraoladh anseo. Beidh tú in ann ceol
ón ár CD Oíche Nollag a chloisteáil.
Listen to the podcast of some of the tracks of our Christmas CD here.
an bua ag cailíní an Inbhir i gcluiche ceannais an
chontae i gcomortas Chumann na mBunscol i mbliana. Inver National
School girls are winners of the Mayo County Final of Cumann na mBunscol! See more here.
muid ar turas go dti an staisiun dóiteáin i mBéal
an Mhuirthid. The junior classes visited the firestation
in Belmullet
as part of the their Comenius Partnership Programme.
(You will need Real
to view the video clips here)
muid pancóga sa seomra ranga. Bhí an-spórt
againn. Féach ar ár
scéal anseo.
ar an scéal seo faoi Naomh Pádraig a rinne na páistí
óga i Scoil Náisiunta an Inbhir: This is a slideshow
of The story of St.Patrick
na páistí aingil álainn don Nollaig. See our
beautiful Christmas angels here.
The children in First and Second Class were very busy for Christmas.
Meet the people who live in our community. The children in First and  Second Class met some people who live in our area and talked to  them about their work. Read, listen and watch as we hear them talk
about their work in our People
in our Commun
ity project.


February 21

John Crowe came to our school

John crowe small 

Last month John Crowe came to our school.

John Crowe is a musician.

John had guitars, a piano, bass guitars, balalaika, electric drum set and a Spanish guitar. He explained how the instrument worked  to us and played music on them all so we could hear the different sounds. We sang a song and he recorded it onto the computer and he played it back for us to hear it. Then he went on Ejay. Ejay is a programme on the computer that you can make up your own music from hip hop to house. He let some of the children play some of the instruments.

We had great fun that day.


                    By Matthew.

February 8


On Wednesday 25th January 5th and 6th class went to Our Lady’s Secondary School to see Grease the musical.

 The T.Y students were performing a musical called Grease. The musical started at half 10. They had a cartoon introduction which they took from the film but they added their faces using the computer.

Then the musical began. There was lots of singing and acting. It was very good and very funny.

We had a great time and we had a lovely lunch too.

By Padraic 6th

February 8

Going To “Grease”

On Wednesday the 26th of January, 5th and 6th classes went to the Convent to see their musical, “Grease”. We left the school at 10:00am.


When we arrived we all sat down with the other schools in the convent hall and waited for the  musical to start.


At 10:30am the musical started. Manus Coyle was “Danny” and Erin McHale was “Sandy”. Mark Doocey was the radio presenter. It was very funny! There was a lot of singing and dancing in it. We all enjoyed it!


When it was over we all waited in the hall to be called for lunch. We had to wait in a very long queue for ages. We finally got to the top of the queue and got our lunch. I had chicken curry and it was very nice!


After the lunch we went outside to get on the bus to go home. We got back to the school at about 1:30pm. We had a very good day!


By Hayleigh

February 8

Grease- the musical


On Wednesday the 26th of January we went to see ‘’Grease’’ in the  Convent. We went in to this hall in the Convent where the play ‘’Grease’’ was going on . Manus Coyle was Danny and Erin McHale was Sonny. Mark Doocey was the radio presenter.

The play started at 10:00.It was very good. When the play was over we went to the cafeteria for something to eat.There was a very long queue at the door. I had chicken curry and rice it was lovely.

After we were finished our chicken curry and rice we went home. We arrived at the school at 1:30pm . I had a great day and I would love to see it again.

By Alanna

January 18

Our Trip to Coláiste Chomáin 14 January 2011

P1010947        Coláiste

On the 14th of January the whole school went to the Coláiste in Rossport. We left the school at around 10 o clock. We arrived at the Coláiste at half 10 and the play started. It was very funny. There was some singing and dancing! Some of the children went up on stage and joined in the dancing for An Dreolín. At the end of the play all schools went up in turn to do their own performances. We went up and sang Peigín Leitir Móir. We got loads of sweets when we were leaving. We had a great day and enjoyed the play!          

By Hayeligh and Alanna

January 1

Imeachtaí in 2009/2010

Tostal na Nollag
Bhí Tostal na Nollag againn ar 20 Mí na Nollag. Bhí sé go h-iontach. Our Christmas pageant tok place in December. We performed our version of Hosanna Rock in Inver Church.

Ceiliúradh 125

Bhí an-sport ag gach duine i rith an t-samhraidh mar bhí ár gceiliúradh 125 ar siúil.. Our Inver 125 celebrations were held during the summer.

Turas Scoile

Chuaigh muid go dtí an Achill Outdoor Education Centre don turas scoile i mbliana. Bhí an-spórt againn. We went to Achill for our school tour this year. We had great fun.

Síolta ag fas~~Germination

Chuir muid síolta ag fas sa seomra ranga. We watched the germination process using stop motion video recording.


Gráinne Mhaol

Rinneamar staidéar ar Gráinne Mhaol le déanaí. Recently we did a very interesting project on Granuaile.


Tháinaig Jedward go dtí ár scoil

Thainig Jedward go dtí Scoil Naisiunta an Inbhir chun an Brat Glas a árdú. Bhí an-spórt ag gach duine. Jedward came to raise the Green Flag in Inver National School.


Scoileanna Glasa/Green Schools

Tá Scoil Náisiúnta an Inbhir pairteach sa chlár Scoileanna Glasa eagraithe ag An Taisce. We have been awarded our first Green Flag this year.