December 14

Mad Hair

Bhí spraoi ag gach duine inniú nuair a thóg muid páirt i Mad Hair Day.
Every wore their hair in a funny style and donated 50c to help the children in the Philippines who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan. You can get more information about Mad Hair Day and Children Helping Children at

Here is how we looked:

December 14

Ag ullmhú don Nollaig – Preparing for Christmas

Tá muid ag ullmhú don Nollaig i SN an Inbhir faoi lathair. Tá muid ag foghlaim faoin gcéad Nollaig agus ag reitiú don Nollaig.  Tá muid ag féachaint ar gach duine sa seomra ranga ag déanamh random acts of kindness don Aidbhint agus ag leanúint an feilire Aidbhinte ó (Cumann na bPáistí Miseantach) WMI. Tá muid ag lasadh coinnle sa bhfleasc Aidbhinte gach seachtain agus  ag rá paidreacha do dhaoine eile.  Tá máinséar againn sa seomra ranga agus tá an seomra maisithe againn.

Tá muid ag reitiú  don ceolchoirm sa seipéil ar an 19ú chomh maith. Beidh muid ag seinnt ceol agus ag déanamh ceoldrám faoi scéal na Nollag. Beidh gach páiste sa scoil ag glacadh páírt ann.

Seo pictiúr beag den obair atá ar siúil againn faoi lathair:


December 20

Getting ready for our school concert.

This week we’ve getting ready for our school concert. We’re practising like crazy. I’m so excited but nervous at the same time. We’ve started going down to the church. I know what my costume looks like because I wore it last year as well.

I’m a star again. I know all my lines off by heart, I know them so well I’ll forget them soon. I know everyone elses as well as my own. Everyone’s playing music at the start. There is melodicas, tinwhistle, beat box, bells, chime bars and acordian. I’m playing the acordian Amy’s playing playing the beat box. Caolan used to play the bass guitar but he didn’t like it that much.

Me, Grace, Sophie and Shauna are stars. I swapped with Rosaleen because I didn’t want to be an angel. I don’t really like the costumes, Lisa said they’re pure tight and itchy. The shepherds ones are nice to and so are the kings. I like Mary’s as well and Joseph’s too.

Well I hope it all goes well. And I don’t make any mistakes. And I hope that nobody is putting us off at the back of the church!


                                                                                                                                                   By Ailish!

We are doing our Christmas play on 20/12/12 we are practising for it.

Today we practised. I was dressed in an angel costume It is nice but they are a bit to big.

Shauna is a star and Sophie is one Ailish is one and Grace is one to.

I can’t wait till we do the play. We are also doing our music. We are doing lots of songs.

The End
By Orla. 🙂

Ag cleachtadh do ceolchoirm na Nollag from SN an Inbhir on Vimeo.

We are practising for our Christmas concert. It is going to be on the 20th. I am really exited and nervous.

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class all have a part in the play. I am an angel. Orla, Lisa, Amy and Rosaleen are angels too.

Sophie, Shauna, Grace and Ailish are stars and there are lots more characters.

I am looking forward to our play. I hope it goes well and I hope our audiance likes us.


The End By Ava

This Thursday we are going to have our Christmas play. It’s going to be great. I can’t wait.

I’m going to be a angel. I’m also going to singing a duet with Grace. I hope everything goes well.

I can’t wait for Thursday.It will be amazing because our teachers are pushing us so hard, but we don’t mind as most of us need the practice.


On Thursday the 2Oth we have a Christmas play. I’m an angel, my brother is a shepherd and my sister is a angel as well.

We have to practise every day. I have a good bit to say. Ava, Orla, Amy and Lisa are angels. They have to say a good bit too.

My friend is a star. She has to wear a gold hat. It is going to be great. I am looking forward to it.

By Rosaleen

December 19

Carols For Crumlin

About 2 weeks ago we did something called “Carols For Crumlin”. Our Ladys Secondary School called a lot of Primary schools togther to sing Christmas carols for a childrens hostpital in Dublin. It is called “Crumlin Childrens Hostpital”.

Andy Moran, the captain of the Mayo football team, was also there. Lots of people got Santa hats signed by him.

We did 3 songs, Jingle Bells, Come Oh Ye Faithful and O Holy Night. We raised €3,106.11!!! Lots of people showed up. I am very proud.
By Amy

Our Lady’s Secondary school choir and all the national schools in Erris did Carols for Crumlin. We had two practices in the school and in the Broadhaven Bay Hotel.

In the first practice we sang the songs we sang ‘O-Holy Night’, ‘O-come all ye faithful’, and ‘Jingle bells’. In the second practice we got into our spots so we would know where we were on the night.

Then it was the day we did the choir. First we sang ‘Jingle Bells’ and went back into the Disco. We had Crisps, Sweets and a Drink and waited for out time to sing. We also got a picture with with Andy Moran, He is a football player for Mayo and we got santa hats and he signed them as well.

We waited for our turn and went onto the stage. We sang ‘O holy night’ and ‘Come all ye faithful’. They raised €3,106.11. I really had a good time doing it.

By Alison.

Carols for Crumlin from SN an Inbhir on Vimeo.

On the 6/12/12 children from different schools joined a choir.Our Ladys Secoundary school choir.

It was called Carols For Crumlin. Crumlin is a Hospital for very sick children, its a very big hospital in Dublin

On the night we did our very first song it was Jingle Bells after that we came down and waited for a while.

Then we went back up to sing our last two songs ‘ Oh come all ye faithful’ and ‘Holy night’ everyone clapped and cheered for us. when we came down everyone met Andy Moran and his sister.Andy Moran is a gaelic footballer he is the captain for the Mayo team.He is very good.
We all got our Santa hats signed.

The teachers were very nice and at the end of the night they raised €3,106 euro that was very good.

I enjoyed the night and hopefully can do it again
By Leanne