November 25

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

       The boys and girls in Múinteoir Aoife’s Classroom had super fun during Science Week November 8th-15th 2020″. During the week the children carried out lots of experiments, science themed crosswords and investigated some interesting scientists and scientific facts.

On Day one, the children made lava lamps using oil, water and food colouring.

On Day two, the children did the Volcano experiment with mentoes and Diet Coke outside of course!!

On Day three, the children watched and carried out a love webinar workshop based on ‘Discover Your Tap Water’ hosted by ‘Science Foundation of Ireland’ (SFI)

On Day four, the children had so much fun during the exciting Balloon Rocket experiment. This was the favourite experiment by the children and great fun was had.

A great week fulfilled Science Week was had. They are all super scientists in the making. Well done all especially our ‘Sciemtist of the Week’ Eva. So proud of you.


March 13

Our trip to the Fire station

On Thursday I went to the fire station . The fire mans name was Joe. He showed us the jaws of life and the fire engine. He put on all of his gear including the oxygen mask and tank. He turned on the beeper. It was very noisy. He showed us pictures of the factory fire. It lasted 4 days he told us. They had to use all the foam in Mayo Sligo and Roscommon.
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March 5

Water week 2014

Last week was so much fun! We were learning lots about water. We learned all about the water cycle which was great fun! We learned some songs about water and did lots of estimating and measuring with water in Maths. We also enjoyed doing lots of experiments based on water such as floating and sinking, dancing raisins, lava lamps, alkaseltzer pop and much more. We even measured how much air was in our lungs using water. It was really cool! All the Mums and Dads had a good time during our Open Water Day in school! They were very happy when they got to take home a tub of Eco friendly hand scrub! We hope we can do another water week soon!